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Contentpepper® is the ideal solution for publishers and media companies. The platform is designed for high-traffic and high-volume and offers full functionality to monetize your content.
Versatile automation capabilities increase efficiency in the editorial process and allow your editors to focus on writing.

MONETIZE YOUR CONTENT Built-in features like Paywall, Adserver, Marketing Automation, and Customer Centers enable you to effectively monetise your content.

Content Automation By automatically distributing your content to departments and dossiers, as well as automated newsletters, you save resources.

EACH CHANNEL, CUSTOMISED Your content play-out on web, app, social media, newsletters and other channels is uncomplicated and fast.

A Digital „Tuning Kit“

Contentpepper® is a layer on top of your current systems and applications. Unify your digital infrastructure and control your publishing process from one flexible interface.

Contentpepper Main

CONTENT SERVICES SPECIFICALLY FOR Medias and publishing houses:


Works in different scenarios, no matter whether regwall, data wall, paywall, metered or classic - everything is possible


Integration of your advertising server and block-level control, deciding which ad formats and content should be played out for your current audience

Subscriber Management

for the independent administration of subscriptions and payment modalities by customers


for the identification of power users or, more importantly, customers who are no longer interested in the digital offer: active contact, based on their usage behavior for up- or cross-selling offers

CONTENT SERVICES SPECIFICALLY FOR Medias and publishing houses:

All Content Services

Content Management

including versioning

Content Automation

through rule-based preparation, distribution and publication of content 


for personalization of digital experience for higher conversion rates

Content Distribution

delivering via different channels

Campaign Management

for successful planning, execution and control of campaigns

Layout Manager

for independent layouting


for management and placement of digital assets


for uncomplicated content creation


create and integrate without prior knowledge


for search engine optimized content

Technology that works with all of yours

Technology is most useful when it can be easily integrated with other technology. We are constantly adding new integrations to Contentpepper®.

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