Contentpepper. The Multi-channel Marketing Platform.

Automate your digital multi-channel communication with Contentpepper and use your content more effectively.

Use the highly flexible multi-channel marketing platform Contentpepper with its unique performance to effectively and time-savingly manage and distribute your content across all channels.

It doesn't matter whether you are a small, medium-sized or large company. For your corporate communication, your marketing measures or your online publication. Contentpepper adapts to any company size and ensures efficiency from the very first second.

Brand Communication: Position your brand consistently.

Communicate uniformly, consistently and effectively as a brand across all channels. Whether externally in the market or internally in the company. Build awareness and trust. Smart analysis and reporting features make your success measurable.

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Content Marketing: Effective inbound marketing for the future.

Use Contentpepper to optimize your marketing lead generation, increase your reach or reach new target groups. Save time and money thanks to the effectiveness of our multi-channel editor and campaign management.

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Digital Publishing: Inspiring and retaining readers page by page.

With Contentpepper you profit from the most modern possibilities for your online publication. Whether using the flexible layout, re-using proven content or using various monetization tools.

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The first of its kind: Contentpepper's multi-channel editor.

One like no other. One for everything. The multi-channel editor carries its uniqueness in its name. Edit your content simply, uniformly and clearly: all layouts with texts, images and videos for all channels and for all terminals on a single interface. The multi-channel editor is the heart of the multi-channel marketing platform Contentpepper and the first of its kind. Get to know it.

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Contentpepper Features: More efficiency entirely automatically.

Save time and resources. With Contentpepper, you can increase the efficiency of the creation and distribution of your content in multi-channel mode thanks to automated processes. A multitude of highly developed features, which you can use individually and purposefully, help you do this. For example, you can manage your campaigns on a time-controlled basis. Or use all existing data sources and move content via drag-and-drop. And use monetization tools such as paywall or ad server as you wish.

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Multi-channel Layouting No programming knowledge: Create layouts for all channels from a single interface.

Monetization Generate added value: Appropriately monetize content with the help of ad server and paywall solutions.

Automation Save resources: Automatically publish content from any source to all channels.

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