Contentpepper Features. The big picture as the sum of complex details. And all of it easy to use.

Contentpepper's features and integrations. So that you can use your content effectively. From all sources, into all channels.

As a multi-channel marketing platform, Contentpepper is technically particularly versatile. That's the main advantage: the individual application possibilities for you. Use selected features to suit your requirements. Contentpepper can be used immediately as a package solution or integrated and tailored to your existing IT architecture as an enterprise solution. 

content curation

Collect a wide variety of information on one topic. Define clusters by which content is sorted and grouped from different sources. 


Campaign management

This allows you to determine which content is published on which channel during your campaign. You also determine the time of the launch. After that the campaign will start automatically. 


Short title

You link customer data from your database with the desired channel and can thus, for example, send personalized e-mails or newsletters and increase your target group's affinity. 



You define which content is delivered from which source to which channel. Once defined, this is done automatically, saving time and money and increasing efficiency. 


Use a basic paywall solution by Contentpepper or use ad servers to generate an appropriate added value with your content. 


cross-channel analytics

Which message reached the target group best via which channel? Answers are provided by cross-channel analytics, which deliver meaningful analysis data on a customizable dashboard.

More Contentpepper Features

CONTENT Aggregation

multi-channel layouting

multi-channel distribution and marketing

API interface

multi-client management

content creation

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